by Joseph Houck

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Pall of a Past World
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Pall of a Past World Joseph Houck is one of those rare songwriters. His songs capture all the mystery, longing, sadness, and simple joys of being alive. A truly special American voice. Favorite track: Forgotten.
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Oorlab a masterpiece - lyrics & music form a great unity Favorite track: Patmos.
Return to Normal
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Return to Normal Steeped in the traditions of Appalachian Mountain music, but with brilliant and insightful lyrics, Joseph Houck is a special songwriter. Favorite track: Homo Reflectus.
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Mixed and mastered by Jon Huxtable of smallfishrecordings in Pluckley, Britain (UK)

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released December 29, 2012

Featuring Jeff Martin and Anna Martin



all rights reserved


Joseph Houck Boone, North Carolina

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Track Name: Forgotten
A ghost had entered his domain
A haunted soul, mind, and brain
All that made him sane
Was forgotten

I told him that she was a lie—
Stains of love bled from his eyes
Their past he chose at no surprise
To be forgotten

All your dreams seem to fade
Like ruby eyes to slits of jade
When all before the masquerade:
All that’s yours becomes mine
A strand of thread to spool of twine
The sapped grapes of your vine
Become rotten

He turned to me one day and said:
“What causes you to rule my head?
I feel as if I’m nearly dead
Or at least forgotten”

I came to be when it was through
A diamond made of glass and glue
That shattered to reveal untrue
This you’ve forgotten

And all your dreams seem to fade
Like ruby eyes to slits of jade
When all before the masquerade:
And all that’s yours becomes mine
Like the girl who lost her mind
Track Name: I Will Sail Away
I will sail away
Across the deep blue sea
I will find away
To be with the one who waits for me

In the morning I'll be gone
I'll be on my way
And I'll sing my parting song
For no longer can I stay

To her arms once more I'll go
That’s where I long to be
Where my native flowers grow
Far from the deep blue sea

The stars will guide the way
When darkness smothers me
I’ll sail through night to day
Heartsick and sick at sea

‘Til my eyes do see the shore
And my feet do meet the soil
Beside the one I’m longing for
Then no longer will I toil

She told me long ago
She'd always wait for me
No matter how far I go
There's only one place I'll be

I will sail away
Across the deep blue sea
I will find away
To be with the one who waits for me
Track Name: Silver Moonlight
Outside the room where I seek rest
There’s a bird that makes its nest
In a tree, safe from the snow
In the day as it flakes down
Into drifts and frozen ground
He dusts off his wings for to go
To that fair lady in the town
She casts seeds and he swoops down
Chirping songs that he’d thought up in his tree
Then he flies home each night
In the silver moonlight
And whispers her name to me

Man you should see him fly
‘Cross the moon-slick cobalt sky
In the cloudless frost-bit night
Coasting through the golden beams
Frosted hills and glassy streams
Donning shadows of his flight
When the stars flicker above
He returns from whom we love
Cooing lullabies on the way back to his tree
Yes he flies home each night
In the silver moonlight
And whispers her name to me
Track Name: Patmos
He was up all night, howlin’ ‘til the break of dawn
Up all night, and he couldn’t find his way back home
Stammering and stuttering, trying to find the words to his song
But if all he had were words, then he knew he’d get the whole thing wrong
He said “I’m gonna do the best I can”
I’m gonna do the best I can”
I’m gonna do the best I can”
But he couldn’t find his way back home
When the woods opened up, he found an old snaky railroad track
He saw the glow of a train in the fog and heard it hum, scream, and clack
As it bolted on by, he started chasing for to jump on the back
And when he’d pulled up inside, reached in his pocket for a bottle of Jack
An old man beside him sighed,
“I guess we’re all just along for the ride
But soon there’ll be no place to hide
When the train runs out of track”
Time speeds up when you’re dreaming in a far-off land
You see the day turn to night and the night crumble right into sand
And time, it won’t sit still when you try to hold it by the hands
It just pulls on its course and you’re stretched just like a rubber band
You still spin and circle round
But your orbit can’t be found
Just like you’re plunging toward the ground
In a heave of gravity
In a town by the shore, he saw her walking on the golden beach
Like a dream where the thing that you want is just right out of reach
Like Mars or the spheres beyond stars or the loftiest peach
And the wheels on the train of his heart seemed to come to a screech

But when the day had lost its sheen
She was nowhere to be seen
And the smoke that fed his dream
Turned straight into fog
Looking back from the hill, he saw the lights in the city fade
And the stars rearrange and converge into a cosmic parade
And the moon turn to blood and a flood, and he was shocked and afraid,
Wishing God would put off once more what was so long delayed
Would he live to see the morn?
Or his soul and flesh be torn-
By a rough beast newly born?
Would he die that very night?
And when the sun came up, he was lying on his back in the sand
The waves folding in and a light breeze sweeping the land
Things kept on just exactly as they’d all been planned
It’s nice to have peace even when you don’t understand
He said “I’m gonna do the best I can”
“I’m gonna do the best I can”
“I’m gonna do the best I can…”
“To try to find my way back home”
Track Name: Homo Reflectus
The legend of the hominoid/ Plagued the primatologist
So he headed out into the field/ To find out if he did exist
He’d heard tales of an elusive ape/ Half-man, half beastly innocence
A creature in its animal state/ A man in sheer intelligence
Deep within the trees he spied him there/ The beast he’d waited long to find
The sight it gave him quite a scare/ But something told him that he could not hide
The eyes-- they seemed to say “I know you well/ And I get the feeling that you know me too
And it’s eerie but I cannot tell/ Just who’s speaking--me or you?”
The beast he said “I am alone/ For I’m the last one of my kind
And I feel as if I can’t go on/ The soul is scarce and hard to find”
The doctor now had lost his fear/ And so tried to alleviate (the pain):
“I’ll bring you food and girls right here/ So you may recharge and procreate.”
The beast he said “That sounds like fun/ And that’d really make me feel alive,
But I really need to find The One/ ‘Cause it takes more than that to survive”
The doctor finally understood / The thing that bound them and all things
He’d try to find her if he could/ For he knew the pain of heartache stings
“Fare thee well now you must go”/ Said the beast from somewhere in the night
“And when you find her I will know/ I’ll be hiding right here in plain sight”
Track Name: Hold On To Me
You better hold on to what you’re given
You better let go and give yourself to me
‘Cause your time is short-- better keep on living
You better give yourself up and hold on tight to me

Hold on to me
Hold on to me
Let the bonds of love set you free
When you hold on to me

Hold on to me
Hold on to me
Or you’ll never know how sweet it can be
To see the rain come and wash away the street
To feel the sun come and shine upon your feet
The rush of wind come and glide across your cheek
The switch from pain to joy, to hope from bleak
And you’ll never know how sweet it can be

Unless you hold on to what you’re given
And let go to give yourself to me
You know your time’s short- better keep on living
You can give it all up-- just hold on tight to me